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Ecommerce- faster and more efficient Empty Ecommerce- faster and more efficient

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Under current financial strains, international markets have become more and more volatile and the global economical growth rate increases slowly. However, statistics of CNZZ show that the overall number of users of e-commerce has increased from 90 million to 98 million. And, although the financial crisis has had serious effects on the global economy, for the Internet, the main effects have only effected investment. In fact, the crisis has made more netizens use e-commerce to reduce consumption costs, thanks to its openness and global reach that allows e-commerce to create more trading opportunities under this situation. It can also help enterprises to weather the financial crisis.
During the press conference at the Second China International E-Commerce Application Expo, the vice Minister of the China Department of Commerce said that e-commerce, as a new economy activity, has developed with an unprecedented speed. E-commerce breaks through the limit of time and place and makes the trade easier, faster and more efficient. It also brings more orders for SMEs. On December 17th, a report from analysts of tootoo demonstrates that in the past six years, e-commerce has been adopted by more and more SMEs in Korea. Comparing with the traditional business model, the e-commerce model has the advantage of low costs and rapid spread. It can also provide a great deal of information at the first time. E-commerce has promoted the change of international trade and urged the emergence of e-marketing , a new form of marketing. However, there are still some problems with e-commerce . There is still a lack of funding and professional services, and security problems, with it especially lacking in professional services.


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