Briefly Introduction of TX CD/DVD duplicator

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Briefly Introduction of TX CD/DVD duplicator Empty Briefly Introduction of TX CD/DVD duplicator

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The TX CD/DVD duplicator Functions as a stand-alone TX CD/DVD Disc Duplication System, and supports up to 11 CD/DVD discs. The duplicator can support up to 11 discs duplicating simultaneously at maximum 52x CD writing and and maximum 16X DVD writing speeds with a TX CD/DVD Duplicator. His easy-to-use operating control panel consists of a LCD screen and 4 control buttons. All operating information, such as the function list, instructions, operating status, or error message(s), is displayed in real time on the screen.
TX CD/DVD duplicator
PA CD/DVD duplicator
IL CD/DVD duplicator
GA CD/DVD duplicator
CO CD/DVD duplicator
SC CD/DVD duplicator
NY DVD duplication system
NJ DVD duplication system
FL DVD duplication system


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